Windscribe VPN Recenzija (2020) - "Prejeftin" da bi bio siguran?

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Broj zemalja sa serverima 55
Broj servera 300
Broj IP adresa 10
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Ima li VPN kill switch opciju? Da
Broj uređaja po licenci Neograničeno
Jamstvo povrata novca (u danima) : 3
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Korisničke recenzije: Windscribe VPN
Mike Graves
ožu. 7, 2020
  •  4
Great Value

There are a lot of things I love about Windscribe. First off, you can customize your service with the build-a-plan option really easily. Second, it does a great job of protecting your privacy online, and it doesn't gather a bunch of personal info from you either at or after sign-up. Last but not least, while it tends to be a little slow compared to some other VPNs, I have never had it be enough of a drop that it caused me any tangible issues. However, there are also a few gripes I have with it: mainly, that it is not good for use with most streaming services; if this is your reason for needing a VPN, then go elsewhere. Overall, I would say WS is a really great VALUE... I wouldn't rate it the front-runner in any one area, but it gives good, dependable, privacy-oriented service for a very good price (especially if you use the build-a-plan feature; you can get service for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee). For those who are wanting a static IP, WS does not offer one by default, but if you read their help documentation, they provide a very logical explanation as to why: maintaining a static IP would, in the end, create the possibility of your traffic being tied to you in much the same way that your actual IP does. That said, you can order one as an add-on to your basic service.

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    sij. 9, 2020
    •  5
    Greatest and cheapest VPN!

    I needed a VPN, to unlock my download Speed on Steam. So i tried this VPN, and the download speed went from 600kb/s, to 1.7MB/s!! Then, i have instantly bought a plan, which it costs only 2$! I totally recommend this one ;)

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      Marc Goodman
      velj. 1, 2020

      After going through a few VPN offerings including one of the major players, I came across a mention of the Canadian-based "Windscribe" in an article listing the best free VPN offerings. I tried Windscribe's free 10GB/month VPN service and it was both satisfactory and free (great combination; n'est pas!). I have given up on getting a dependable VPN that can access the BBC iPlayer with a consistent HD quality image and refined my needs to finding a low-cost VPN that will allow me to access all the geo-restricted content on American PBS stations instead. Windscribe does just that and for only $2.00 USD per month with their "Build a Plan" option. I actually feel a little 'guilty' I am paying so little for exactly what I want (great combination; n'est pas, encore!!). So far, so good and my PBS viewing is done with a rock solid HD picture hour after hour, day after day. As far as a slowing of the download speeds, I have an ISP that regularly gives me over 950Mbps on a fibre optic network that's also rock solid and reasonably priced. [P.S. If you live in downtown Toronto, Canada, don't even think about another internet service provider if Beanfield Metroconnect is in your service area because they can't be beat by any of the other players for price, quality, and customer service.] Now back to Windscribe...I did have some reservations about the signing up process when I ran into difficulties paying with PayPal and not having the transaction acknowledged. After a few e-mail queries to the Windscribe offices and nothing coming back my way I was more than a little frustrated. However, after the Christmas/New Year holidays were over I got a very competent response from Windscribe apologizing for the delayed response (due to holiday staffing numbers over the holiday period) and I was able to complete my PayPal transaction and have my VPN connection up and running within minutes. My "Build a Plan" is for US-based servers since I need a VPN to watch PBS offerings. However, for whatever reason a few other countries' VPN servers seem also to be active so it's a bonus. My Windscribe UK-based VPN server will not allow me to view either the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub but they do allow me to view UK-based websites from within the UK so all is well and I can keep calm and carry on albeit without the BBC (c'est dommage, eh!). All in all, I think Windscribe is a reliable, easy to use and inexpensive VPN for most users however, I am not at all concerned with the security aspects of a VPN so read the extensive VPNMentor review above to suss out if Windscribe has the security features you need to stay out of the gulag in your country.

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      sij. 3, 2020
      •  1
      Windscribe is a marketing scam

      Windscribe is probably one of the worst options for customers. They have a high price compared to top services like Surfshark, Cyberghost, NordVPN, Privatevpn or Ivacy. They only have THREE days for a refund if you are not satisfied with their service, but if you ask for a refund they do not respond for three days to your email and - no refund. They give false information to customers on the site. Windsribe does not have Stealth mode or IP obfusction, you can read this in detail on many blogs written by real VPN experts. There is no Port forwarding or static IP address unless you pay extra for the base price, which is not on offer. They have very slow internet traffic and a frequent drop in internet connection, and almost every day you get a warning for something that has nothing to do with you. They come from Canada, the country that receives all your information from Windscribe. When you contact customer service you get insulted by a street dictionary. It's simple, it's a waste of service, and for less money, buy some good and professional VPN services to get what you really pay for. I stand behind my words, I used Windscribe and never again.

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