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vpnMentor sadrži recenzije koje su napisali naši stručnjaci i korisnici, a temelje se na nezavisnom i profesionalnom testiranju proizvoda/usluga recenzenata.

• Vlasništvo

vpnMentor je u vlasništvu tvrtke Kape Technologies PLC, koja je vlasnik sljedećih proizvoda: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ZenMate, Private Internet Access i Intego, a koji također mogu biti dio recenzija na našim web stranicama.

• Affiliate provizije

Iako vpnMentor može primati provizije ako se izvrši kupnja putem naših linkova, ovo nema utjecaja na sadržaj recenzija ili na recenzirane proizvode/usluge. Pružamo izravne linkove za kupnju proizvoda samo onih koji su dio našeg affiliate programa.

• Smjernice za recenzije

Recenzije objavljene na vpnMentoru napisali su stručnjaci koji testiraju usluge i alate u skladu s našim strogim standardima. Takvi standardi osiguravaju da se svaka recenzija temelji na neovisnom, profesionalnom i poštenom testiranju te se u obzir uzimaju tehničke mogućnosti i kvaliteta proizvoda zajedno s njegovom komercijalnom vrijednošću za naše korisnike, a što može na kraju utjecati i na pozicioniranje proizvoda na popisima na našoj web stranici. iskustva 2022 - Što trebate znati prije odabira

Guy Fawkes'
Guy Fawkes Anonimni stručnjaci za cyber sigurnost

Recenzija još uvijek nije dostupna za ovaj VPN servis. Ako želite podijeliti vlastita iskustva s ovim VPN-om, dodajte svoju recenziju kao korisnik. Ubrzo ćemo pružiti detaljnu stručnu recenziju kao što napravili i za vrhunske VPN-ove kao što su ExpressVPN i CyberGhost. Možete i provjeriti najbolje ocijenjene VPN servise u 2022. značajke — Ažurirano Svibanj 2022

💸 Cijena 3.75 USD/mjesec
📆 Jamstvo povrata novca 7 Dana
📝 Čuva li VPN zapise o aktivnostima? Ne
🖥 Broj servera 130+
💻 Broj uređaja po licenci 12
🛡 Prekidač za obustavljanje Da
🗺 U zemlji Romania
📥 Podržava torrenting Da

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It works perfectly with Netflix and Hotstar

Using since 2017, their service has been top-notch, it's like a boutique hotel, very private and exclusive service, Works perfectly with Netflix US, FR, and Hotstar/disney+ on all their servers. WireGurard connections super fast. Servers never overcrowded constant speed. Recently I tried All beautiful Nordvpn, very well polished, good client service but all copy-paste response, Fast connection but the most speed drops and it doesn't work with Hotstar/disney+ I ask them why they said their tech didn't figure out yet. so I had to ask for a refund.

Excellent service, highly recommended

I signed up for back in 2016 and I have been pretty happy with them. They are very security conscious, customer service is great, and they have continued to renew my service at the promo I signed up with so many years ago which is like an $18 annual savings. Their VPN client software is pretty good and I like that they have iOS and Linux support and they even make a client for Fire TV that works perfectly on my Shield. The desktop kill switch removes the gateway so there’s zero chance of anything leaking through which gives me peace of mind when I’m torrenting and the dedicated servers for torrenting are still plenty fast. I have a gigabit connection and I regularly see 200-300Mbps downloads on my phone and my desktop can spike to 450-500 at times. I had my first ever server issue last night where my connection dropped out and the server wouldn’t reconnect. I switched to another server and haven’t had a problem since. Considering how frequently Comcast has service outages, it’s impressive that I haven’t had reliability issues with this VPN service at all. I leave it connected 24/7 on my Shield for streaming purposes since the app has the option to pick which apps go over the VPN which lets me send Kodi over the VPN and still have access to Netflix and everything else directly. The Wireguard servers are a welcome addition. I emailed them about adding Wireguard support a few years back and they were concerned about the inability to integrate their own security features but they have a Wireguard beta now on a number of their servers and it just requires making a key on their website. I test for DNS leaks occasionally and have yet to have a leak there either. They are a small provider but that works in favor of those of us who use them. I have thought of trying other providers after seeing people post faster speed tests and also so I can get port forwarding as an option (they told me they don’t do this because it weakens anonymity and introduces more security risk to their servers) so I can use SoulSeek and other direct connect services but even if I pick up service on an as-needed basis for certain activities, I’ll continue to keep as my primary. It just works very well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Noel Britton
Noel Britton
Been a long term user, and I always go back.

If you have known this provider for a while you will remember that quite a bit of it used to need manual setting up, the walk-through was good enough mind. You didn't mind because they offered cutting edge security and encryption to die for. Today you now have a very solid package with a nice and easy GUI. Reviews tend to say that there are some geo issues re Netflix, but I have not had a problem. There are plenty of servers and of course, you get real time loads from the servers, so you can pick one suiting your needs. Speeds are impressive and hold well, and the server loads never go over 10%; though this is self-reporting. None of the VPN checking tools can dig up your identity (IP) and I love it when other VPN vendors fail to see that you are behind a network. Every single vendor fails. And it's dead cheap! Seriously, they have come a long way and are a serious bargain. I have only had to raise a ticket once and the response was within minutes and sustained and resolved my issue. I am a fanboy, but that is for a very good reason.

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