5 najboljih i najbržih VPN-ova za Ubuntu u 2018. godini

Za mnoge pojedince koji su spretni s tehnologijom, prebacivanje na Linux predstavlja jedan od prvih koraka u procesu preuzimanja potpune kontrole nad svojim računalom i minimizacije napasnog ponašanja velikih korporacija. Ubuntu is by far the most popular OS for those seeking an easy transition.

Avid VPN users may need to take a second look at their current provider, however — plenty of solid clients for Windows/Mac/OS X are lagging behind when it comes to their Linux counterparts, with wonky interfaces, limited features, and performance hiccups being the main offenders.

Worry not! We have tested hundreds of VPNs to find the best contenders for your next Ubuntu VPN — and now we’re ready to share our top picks with you.

Check them out below:

1. ExpressVPN

  • Blazing-fast speeds — perfect for streaming or heavy torrenting
  • Over 1,500 servers allow connection to more than 90 locations
  • Privacy-friendly — stores ZERO sensitive user data
  • Custom Linux client — Terminal-based and fully compatible with Ubuntu
  • Fast and smooth installation with excellent support to back you up
  • Not satisfied? Get refunded with the 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN offers a great balance between speed, server choice, and easy installation on Ubuntu.

The combination of blazing-fast connections (we tested them) and a whopping 1,500+ servers in over 90 locations, makes this provider our favorite for a dependable all-purpose VPN. The tried-and-true logging and refund policies serve as additional reassurance, with zero sensitive information stored and 30 days to get fully refunded if you aren’t satisfied.

On the technical side of things, you get a custom Linux client launched via Terminal — it isn’t awfully complicated, which is an advantage since you’ll be setting it up manually. Alternatively, you can opt for a traditional OpenVPN config through Ubuntu Network Manager. Advanced features include DNS leak protection, Smart DNS, and various server types ranging from P2P-friendly options to “stealth” servers for anti-censorship purposes.

In any case, there are crystal-clear instructions to see you through the installation process with zero issues. If you do run into trouble, you can always count on ExpressVPN’s competent 24/7 support to lend a hand via email, tickets, and even live chat.

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2. NordVPN

  • Huge choice of servers — unblock any restricted service
  • Constant improvements and additions via service updates
  • Detailed instructions on Ubuntu installation
  • No dedicated Linux client — but excellent performance nevertheless!
  • 24/7 support, live chat included
  • Try for up to 30 days and get your money back, no questions asked

Another household name on the VPN scene, Nord has been known for its feature-rich clients, in addition to a heavy focus on security and dedication to improving service quality.

Whether it’s business or pleasure you’re after, this provider has you covered with over 3,500 servers and watertight privacy thanks to a strict zero-logging policy. Recent updates have also improved this VPN’s speed, bringing it very close to ExpressVPN territory in terms of server performance.

You can choose to install NordVPN with a Terminal command-line or using the Ubuntu Network Manager, similar to ExpressVPN. Unfortunately, you won’t find the brilliant interface you get with Nord’s Windows client, and kill switch functionality isn’t available on Linux distros yet. Aside from that, NordVPN works flawlessly on Ubuntu and you can expect a smooth experience every time.

The detailed instructions will guide you through the setup with ease — should you require more personal assistance, NordVPN support can be contacted anytime on live chat, or via email/ticket. Last but not least, the money-back guarantee gives you up to 30 days to test out the VPN for free.

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3. AirVPN

airvpn device

  • Reliable servers in 20 countries
  • Excellent Linux client — no stripped features
  • Variety in payment plans
  • Dedicated forum is a knowledge gold mine
  • Perfect for the advanced user; not so much for beginners
  • Money-back guarantee AND free trial included

Users looking for the cutting edge in VPN functionality for Linux systems should definitely take a closer look at AirVPN.

Consistency is the name of the game here. This provider is the closest you’ll get to a “native” Linux client — it’s identical to the ones for Windows and OS X, offering the same features across the board. With a full-fledged GUI and virtually no Linux-specific disadvantages, AirVPN offers a stellar Ubuntu experience.

A firewall-based kill switch, DNS leak protection, port forwarding, and VPN-through-Tor are just some of the valuable extras you’ll be getting. Make no mistake, however — you’ll have to be very much self-reliant to use AirVPN comfortably.

What do we mean by that?

Compared to other premium VPNs, this provider doesn’t have the level of customer support of interface simplicity you might expect. In other words, you’ll often be figuring things out on your own — while not an issue for experienced users, newcomers might easily become overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the flexible pricing allows you to try out AirVPN for as little as 3 days, and there is a one-month money-back guarantee plus a free trial (you’ll have to contact support to get one).

In short, AirVPN can be a very capable Ubuntu VPN, but the steep learning curve and the lack of live chat require decent background knowledge to get things running.

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4. Private Internet Access

Private internet access devices

  • Cheap, but resourceful — over 3,000 servers at your disposal
  • Doesn’t keep any logs
  • Hassle-free setup — installer makes life much easier
  • Doesn’t omit important features — kill switch, leak protection included
  • Try free for a week with the money-back guarantee

With a neat Linux client and a well-balanced package of performance and affordability, Private Internet Access is another solid VPN for your Ubuntu distro.

Again, customer support leaves something to be desired (no live chat), but contrary to AirVPN, PIA offers a more streamlined configuration, complete with a no-fuss client installer. Like with the Windows/Mac apps, you won’t find any interface-related difficulties, with everything organized in a user-friendly manner.

What’s seriously impressive about this VPN is all the great stuff you get at a ridiculously cheap price point. Dazzling server variety, zero logging, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch are PIA’s main talking points. What’s more, some of these features are hard to find even in VPNs that cost twice as much.

While not as fast as Express or Nord, PIA pulls some solid numbers of its own (albeit some servers are faster than others). P2P support is also available, so you can torrent away in peace.

The bottom line? If you’re working with a tight budget, but still want a reputable VPN service with a stellar track record, you’ve found your provider in Private Internet Access.

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5. PrivateVPN

  • Compact, but capable
  • Excellent privacy — proprietary infrastructure and strict zero-logs policy
  • Fast speeds and “less-is-more” server network
  • No native client — OpenVPN config via Network Manager required
  • Try risk-free for a whole month, thanks to the money-back guarantee

Despite its smaller server network, PrivateVPN has won its users over thanks to great performance and guaranteed privacy.

Making the VPN work on Ubuntu is simple enough, although you’ll have to go back to the Network Manager for the OpenVPN configuration. The lack of a native Linux app isn’t ideal, but PrivateVPN has proven to be secure enough even with some advanced features missing (kill switch).

On the upside, this VPN impresses with great speeds and zero privacy concerns. The latter is further reinforced by PrivateVPN owning all of its crucial infrastructures — no server “outsourcing” always means better security for the user.

With solid encryption, excellent servers, and decent support (unfortunately not available 24/7) PrivateVPN can handle anything you throw its way — from content unblocking to surfing in complete privacy — at a very reasonable price. Definitely give it a go; if you find you’re looking for something else, you’re covered by the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Get the Best for Your Privacy with an Ubuntu VPN

Finding a top-shelf VPN for Linux-based systems can be a challenge — with that said, there are providers dedicated to offering a high-quality service across all supported platforms. We hope our list helps you make the right choice for your Ubuntu machine. Good luck!

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Not running Ubuntu? Make sure to check out our top VPNs for a broader range of Linux distributions!

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